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Wellness massage from 0 to 107 years.

On appointment

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If I am to tell you: "Excellent against stress, Sleep-improving, Self-confidence, Peace and relaxation, Exam preparation." What's come in mind? I have just mentionned the benefits of massage. Pick up your phone, and make up appointment.

Massage personne fragilisée Delphine Cottone Seurre


Life is there with those moments of joy and sadness, these difficult moments when illness comes to visit you. Or a tragedy comes to your family and you discover loneliness and pain. Take care of yourself and come and recharge your batteries to stimulate your inner life.

Massage du sportif - Delphine Cottone - Seurre


After a marathon, a soccer game, a sporting event, nothing like a good massage to gain muscle recovery.

The Sublime

2 hours of relaxation …deep relaxation… 2 hours of letting go and relaxation for the body and mind: a sublime moment where you will be suspended between planet Earth and planet Well-being with an “Essentiel massage”of 80mn followed by Yoga movements and deep Breathing.

At the end, we will share an organic and local drink with cookies (it can be gluten free and lactose free).


  • 2h00 : 120 Euros

The "Massage Essentiel"®

Holistic massage that combines alternating rhythms, fluidity and all-encompassing manipulation for complete relaxation. To this very cocooning Californian Massage, one can add Swedish massage techniques,  concentrating on muscle work for different parts of the body, reducing muscular tension and working in depth.

Each Massage adapts to your needs at the moment.


  • 1h00 : 50 Euros
  • 1h15 : 65 Euros
  • 1h30 : 75 Euros
massage personne fragile maladie vieillesse

The Sunshine Massage

Your very gentle and calm care adapted to your particular issue (disease, cancer, autistic disorder, trisomia, handicap, senior…)

This massage will be on a massage table or in an armchair, it will be an oil massage or a work of relaxation on clothed skin.


  • 30mn : 25 Euros
  • 45mn : 40 Euros

The 'letting go'

Pure moment of relaxation that will call to you after a day of work. Your choice: back, neck, legs, arms…  Oil massage on table.

Based on Californian and Swedwish Massage techniques.



  • 30mn : 25 Euros
  • 45mn : 40 Euros

The discovery Massage

Great for kids, teenagers or simply for a first massage, a first contact.

On demand (back, legs, face…)


  • 20mn : 17 Euros

Floor relaxation on a futon

Ideal for stressed, tired individuals who are in search of  a moment of complete relaxation, achieved by a series of swaying and stretching movements.

Clothing: provide a comfortable , loose fitting outfit.



  • 45mn : 40 Euros

Carte cadeau...

Retrouvez toutes les prestations de la carte des massages sous forme de cartes cadeaux personnalisées ! 

Chaque carte est valide durant 6 mois après l’achat.

Praticienne agréée

La Fedération Française de Massages bien-être (FFMBE) agrée près de 30 centres de formation et plus 1000 praticiens en France.

Huile de massage

Toutes les huiles utilisées lors des soins sont issues de l’agriculture biologique.

à domicile

Lors des déplacements à domicile, un supplément lié au kilométrage aller/retour depuis Labergement-les-Seurre (21820) sera facturé : 0.56€/kilomètre parcouru.

Les techniques de massage en vidéo

Techniques présentées par Joël Savatofski – IFJS.

Ayant comme intention et finalité le bien-être de la personne, les techniques pratiquées en l’absence de diagnostic et de traitement thérapeutique, ne s’apparentent en rien, ni dans les contenus ni dans les objectifs, à la masso-kinésithérapie, ainsi qu’à toute autre pratique médicale.